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BO fabric

Product : Fabric BO – RIB

Material: Cotton yarn, Poly. Most customers use ribbed fabric TC (65% Poly và 35% Cotton) and CVC ( 35% Poly và 65% Cotton ) materials are the main.

Thick and thin, colors according to your requirements or directly exchange with the board of directors.

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Our advantage. There are factories producing yarn, weaving and dyeing. So the price is absolutely good.

The BO fabric is mostly popular because of its body-hugging properties to enhance the wearer’s figure.

Most of the fabrics woven from spandex are thicker and heavier than other spandex fabrics.

Fabrics with good elasticity are less prone to wrinkling than ordinary fabrics, with almost no flaring.

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Classification of fabrics BO – 2 TYPES

BO ribbed fabric



Advantages and disadvantages of bo fabric


Good sweat absorption, breathable

Has the ability to keep warm, good heat retention

The fabric is thick and full, with little shrinkage, so it’s easy to cut the fabric

No wrinkles, no wrinkles


High cotton content makes the fabric easy to be thick and heavy

Not as soft as other fabrics

To keep the fabric long-lasting, it is important to note:

Do not dry in the sun too harshly, it will cause the fibers of the fabric and hair to grow

Limit machine washing, limit drying

Do not use detergents

BO fabric in the textile industry

Production of cuffs, collars, jackets to keep the body warm

Producing clothes that hug but do not reveal body defects, very comfortable to move

Manufacture of scarves, children’s clothing, interior decoration