Sesame fabric

Product : Sesame fabric

Material: 97% Polyester – 3-5% spandex

Thick and thin, colors according to your requirements or directly exchange with the board of directors.

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Our advantage. There are factories producing yarn, weaving and dyeing. So the price is absolutely good.

Introduce :

Sesame spandex fabric is mainly composed of synthetic PE yarn, with or without cotton yarn, and 3-5% Spandex yarn.

Sesame spandex fabric has a soft, porous surface consisting of many tiny holes like sesame seeds. The fabric is almost wrinkle-free and holds its form very well despite being heavily crumpled. In addition, they are also waterproof, resulting in low moisture absorption, and added antibacterial ability that can be used as a mask.

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Advantages and disadvantages of sesame fabric


  • High durability, no change in shape or sagging after long time use
  • There is a certain degree of ventilation
  • Quick drying, suitable for sports activities
  • No wrinkles
  • Has good deodorizing ability


  • There is no cotton component, so it will be a little hot to wear
  • The elasticity is not too high
  • Easily damaged when exposed to high temperatures


Based on elasticity

Based on stretch properties, fabrics are divided into 2 types

  • 2-Way Sesame Fabric: This fabric can only be stretched horizontally. Although the elasticity is not high, in return the shirt will not lose its form, cheap price, and will not sag after a long time of use.
  • 4-way sesame spandex fabric: can be stretched both horizontally and vertically, so this material has high elasticity, less wrinkles, creating a pleasant soft feeling. However, the cost is high and easily damaged if not properly maintained.

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Application of sesame fabric in life

  • Sesame seed elastic fabric has a relatively low cost, but the quality is quite good. This is the material favored by many businesses to sew cheap uniforms such as company uniforms, workers’ uniforms, restaurants, cafes … or the most obvious ones are the driver’s uniforms. Grab, GoViet…
  • With tiny holes throughout the fabric surface to create a cool, comfortable feeling. In addition, the fabric is very quick to dry, does not cause a feeling of mystery and discomfort, so it is very suitable for sewing sports shirt models.
  • With not much elasticity, but good water resistance. This is the ideal material for sewing jackets and oversized shirts
  • In addition, sesame fabric has very good antibacterial and anti-mildew properties, so it is also used to produce masks.

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