Vải Thun dệt - 4-way polyester spandex fabric

4-way polyester spandex fabric

Product : 4-way polyester spandex fabric

Material: Poyester + Spandex

Thick and thin, dyed according to your requirements or discussed directly with the board of directors.

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Our advantage. There are factories producing yarn, weaving and dyeing. So the price is absolutely good.

Introduce :

4-way poly fabric is a synthetic fabric made from Poyester yarn, when weaving, people add spandex (3-5%) elastic fibers to make the fabric more soft, 4-way stretch.

Highly aesthetic, good elasticity, water resistant.

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Advantages of 4-way poly spandex fabric:

  • 4-way poly spandex fabric has a shiny, silk-like surface that feels cool, soft and comfortable to the touch.
  • The surface of 4-way poly fabric is smooth, hairless, good elasticity, resistant to wrinkles, shrinkage, stains, mildew, UV protection.
  • Poly fabric has a very high color holding capacity, easy to dye on eye-catching colors, less fading during use
  • 4-way poly fabric has extremely good elasticity, helps to keep shape, keep the form of clothes
  • It has the ability to absorb moisture and dries quickly, so it is very suitable for sewing sports clothes.
  • With good water resistance, anti-oil resistance, and oil absorption, 4-way poly fabric is also used to sew protective clothing.


  • Fabric does not have the ability to absorb sweat, so wear a little hot when outdoor activities.


2. How to identify 4-way poly spandex fabric?

  • To identify poly fabric, you can use fire to burn a small sample, you will see that the fabric burns slowly, has a burning smell of burning plastic, large lumps that do not dissolve.
  • Try to test by dropping a few drops of water on the surface to see that the fabric is less absorbent, gently rub it with your hands to not be creased.
  • 4-way poly fabric can be identified by looking at the fabric surface and touching, if the fabric surface is shiny, hairless, not wrinkled when lightly crumpled, comfortable in all directions, it is a 4-way poly fabric.

vai thun poly 4 chieu chong nuoc

Identify poly fabric by water


3. Application of 4-way poly spandex fabric

  • 4-way poly fabric has high aesthetic value, so it is very popularly used to produce fashion clothes, especially women’s fashion, because it helps to enhance the attractive curves.
  • Thanks to its good resistance to water and fire, poly fabric is used to sew sleeping bags, tents, umbrellas, raincoats, etc.
  • Poly fabric is also widely used in interior decoration such as blankets, sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, chair covers, mattresses, etc.
  • 4-way poly fabric is very suitable for sewing sportswear with good elasticity, requiring high durability: such as swimwear, gym wear, etc.
  • In addition, poly spandex fabric is also used to sew uniforms for office workers, restaurants, cafeterias, etc.


4. How to preserve 4-way poly spandex fabric?

Poly fabric is very durable, so it is not too strict in the process of preserving clothes, here are some small notes when storing:

  • Poly fabric is difficult to stain, dries quickly, is less wrinkled, so it can be hand washed or machine washed comfortably, but it is not recommended to wash poly fabric with hot water above 30 degrees Celsius, because it will cause the fabric to lose its elasticity. return.
  • Poly spandex fabric is also very wrinkled, so it does not need to be ironed often, but when ironing poly clothes, you should not iron at a temperature above 180 degrees Celsius, because it will cause the fabric to lose its ability to stretch.
  • As with other ways to preserve elastic fabric, do not wash 4-way poly fabric with strong detergents, so hang clothes in a shaded, windy place.


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